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Southborough History

Southborough Genealogy Resources

Birth/Marriage/Death Records

Jeroboam Parker 1827 Sermon

Southborough Centennial Sermon by Jeroboam Parker, Minister of Southborough from July 17, 1827

Southborough Historical Briefs

Various briefs listed by century and content

"Holy Hill " Walking Tour

Take a tour of "Holy Hill - list of items and where to get the tour directions and link to on line tour

Southborough Rural Cemetery

Listing of those who have been buried at this cemetery including gravestone markings listed alphabetically

Southborough Deaths without Gravesite (1727-1794)

List of those who died in Southborough between 1727 to 1794 without a known gravesite or marker

Joseph Burnett and Family

(updated 3/29/2010)

Joseph Burnett - Life Chronology Brief

 (updated 2/27/2010)

Joseph Burnett Company

(updated 3/29/2010)

Joseph Burnett Company Food Products

Joseph Burnett Company Food Ads

Joseph Burnett Company Personal and Medical Products & Brief History of Theodore Metcalf Company

Deerfoot Farms


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